Scott's Proven Conservative Platform

As we grow, we need to remember that conservative principles have led us to prosperity. Future challenges will always come, but we can't forget who we are or what stand for as a state.

Below, you'll find my take on a few important issues. If there is any issues that you don't see, feel free to contact me and I'll be happy to talk with you.


I believe a strong public education system is the backbone of a prosperous society. Moving funding to the most local-level of government is the best way to utilize precious resources. I believe that teachers in classrooms and principals at schools should be making the majority of funding decisions with their local communities. We also cannot devalue parental involvement. Parents and guardians know their children and should be involved in their education.


Population growth in our state will continue to stretch our limited water resources. How we divide this precious commodity between municipalities, industry and agriculture while maintaining current rights will be critical to defining our ability to see future generations prosper. I am committed to finding solutions that allow water to move to where it is needed, while at the same time protecting existing water rights.


Our current model for funding transportation needs is becoming obsolete. 20 years ago, the motor fuel tax funded all transportation needs and the Highway Patrol. Today, the State subsidizes the transportation fund by $600 million per year.  Cars driving more miles per gallon and the increased use of alternative vehicles will necessitate a change in funding model. I am committed to finding a solution, because I believe that transportation funding is as close to a user-fee system that we have in government. Those that use the roads need to pay in proportion to their use.

Public Lands

67% of the land in Utah is public land. I believe this land can and should be available for all to enjoy.  The federal government continues to prohibit citizens from benefitting fully from the recreational and economic potential on these lands. Utah is full of natural resources that can safely be enjoyed and extracted to the benefit of all our citizens. Public lands are public and should remain that way with the State in control.